Learning to Swim is an essential part of our Australian way of Life...

We start with Baby Swim which is a play group class where Babies from 6 months and their Carers join in for a half hour of Fun, Singing and Exploring different water experiences. The warm 31 degrees pool makes this comfortable for Baby and Mum, Dad or Carer.

From here, Kids progress to our Swim School. The advantage with our teaching method is from Day one they learn to swim in Deep Water from a Platform in 900mm of water. They learn Faster with Greater confidence and know what to do when they are "out of their depth."
Small Classes and Strict Supervision makes this possible.

Adult & Private Lessons are available. If you missed out when you were a kid… It's never too late or if you want to speed up the progress of your child, we can help.

Call Kylie Simpson our Swim School Coordinator on any morning except Thursdays to Book your Lessons. We have concessions for more than one child. We also have Aquatic Passes at a reasonable price, for Children who accompany their Gym Member Parents to the Pool.
Ph 8262 1925

42 Warwick St, Enfield, Adelaide, South Australia 5085 Ph 8262 1925

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