At Fit Life Enfield we specialise in Rehabilitation exercise. Our physiotherapist are highly trained in Exercise Therapy and can prescribe exercises to help anyone from multiple injuries, post operative patients right up to recovering sports people. We often begin with Hydrotherapy and progress to the gym. In the gym we use a combination of Pilates, Gym Equipment, Free Weights and Cardio Equipment.

In the early stages, patients might require physio treatment to supplement their exercise program. This is carried out on site in our physio rooms which is a real time saver and optimal for fast recovery.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Basically it's carefully planned exercises using either buoyancy or resistance of the warm 31deg. Pool. The effect is being able to carry out movement in the water before it is possible on dry land. Thus speeding recovery. It's great in the beginning of an injury or for those people who are unfortunate to have a long term chronic injury that are easily stirred up.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is the training of the deep abdominal (core) muscles using a special sliding table called a Reformer. It's absolutely fantastic for people with bad backs. It's also used for flattening tummies from the "inside out".

By strengthening the core muscle, you improve your ability to lift objects and perform stronger in Sport, Dance and most physical activities. We also have Pilates Fitness classes and Body Balance classes which consists of Pilates Floor Exercises.

This is a list of the common problems we see daily:

  1. Workcover injuries

  2. Motor Vehicle Accident injuries

  3. Post Op Joint Replacements

  4. Fractures

  5. Back & Neck Pain

  6. Sports Injuries

  7. Medical Conditions such as Diabetes, High BP, Cardiac Rehab.

  8. General aches and pains.

You don't need to be a member of the gym to use our Rehab Services…. Just call Reception on 8262 1925 to book a time with our Physio or bring a referral from your treating Specialist, Doctor or Physio.

Link to our Physio Website.

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  2. Pool

  3. Spa

  4. Sauna

  5. Nautilus

Hydrotherapy and Pilates