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Fit Life's pool is warm, clean and very popular with the members. Measuring 15m by 7.5m and varying in depth from 900mm to 1.8m and kept at a constant 31 degrees. It provides the perfect environment for the many activities we run. Early morning lap swimming is popular. Baby Swim, Swim School and Aquarobics are organised classes.

Hydrotherapy is run by our own Physiotherapists and is very popular with people recovering from injuries. Many people come along to do their own "Hydro" programs.

Sometimes it's just great to come along and relax. Hang out in the Pool, Spa and Sauna.


The spa is crystal clean and 38 degrees. Melt away all your aches and pains or just relax.


Our Sauna is an Infra Red Sauna which has now become the preferred Sauna in most Health Clubs and Day Spas. In Day Spa's you can expect to pay $35 per session. At Fit lIfe it's included in the membership at no extra cost.

The beauty of this Sauna is that they heat you from the "inside out" which means much greater penetration of heat, increased blood flow and deeper relaxation of the Muscles. The release of Toxins is much more effective than in the old fashion Swedish Sauna or Steam Rooms. Plus no burning the insides of your nose or lungs as the air temperature is not so intense.

Don't take my word for it...give it a go!


Nautilus Pin Loaded Weight Machines

Workout on the best commercial exercise equipment money can buy! Yes we are fortunate at Fit Life to provide you with Nautlius Pin Loaded Weight Machines. Smooth, Easy to use and Targeted to each muscle group like no other machines on the market. "As Physio's, it was alway my dream to have a gym full of Nautlius Equipment...Fantastic for rehab right up to serious bodybuilders. Please enjoy the results!"

Nautilus Nitro® Plus

The Correct Way to Workout

You have to feel it to believe it. Nautilus Nitro® Plus equipment adapts itself to the way the body moves - instead of forcing users to adapt to the machine. The patented, four-bar linkable system directs the movement through its entire range, leading to unprecedented results.

Free Weights

Free Weights consist of Dumbbells, Barbells, Benches and Machines that you add Plates too. Free weights formed the foundation of the very first Gyms when the discovery was made that progressively adding weight to resistance exercises, caused muscle to grow.

Used extensively by Bodybuilders and Athletes, many women have been turned off using Free Weights for fear of growing huge muscles... but let me tell you, 3 factors are against this.

Adelaide’s warmest Public Pool. Ideal for Aquarobics, Hydrotherapy, Baby Swim & Swim Lessons



1. Women do not have the Testosterone levels of men. This hormone is responsible for growing large muscles.

2. Bodybuilders follow strict high protein, low fat,  low carb diets which stimulates muscle growth.

3. Bodybuilders lift weights that are much heavier and fatigue the muscle on the 6th Rep!

Having said this, if you are a women and you want to grow muscles or Tone up, follow steps 2 & 3. (with advice from our trainers)

Free Weights are great for toning. Without the guiding support that Pin Loaded machines offer, greater levels of coordination are required to control the movement and this means more of the supporting (synergistic) muscle work harder. More demand is placed on the nervous system as you learn the movements. So in summary, you will stimulate Toning faster by adding a few Free Weight exercises to your routine.

If you are a Bodybuilder, our Free Weight Rooms at Enfield have everything required to achieve maximum growth. We also stock a range of Protein Supplements from those that strip Fat to those that provide maximum muscle growth.

A Final Word...Being successful in the gym, is mostly about being consistent with attending workouts and "sticking to it" for at least 12 months. (longer, hopefully) Adding variety to your workout is really important to prevent exercise boredom. If you haven't tried Free Weights yet...then give it a go. Book in with one of our trainers for a few tips on technique first.

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