Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will I be shown a program?

A.Yes, our highly qualified “physio educated” Personal Trainers will teach you a safe, effective program for a small fee with your new membership.

Q2. When can I expect to see a result?

A.If you train regularly at least 3 times per week, you will start to feel better in 2 weeks, notice changes in 6 weeks and be really making positive progress in 12 weeks.

Q3. I have arthritis, will I aggravate it?

A.Because physiotherapists own our gym and our trainers are educated by our physio’s, we are the only commercial gym in Adelaide that can set programs, which are safe, effective and most importantly progressed cautiously. Of course if you experience an unexpected aggravation, our physio’s can help get you back on track.

Q4. My doctor recommends that I loose 13 kg, can you help me do this?

A.Yes we are trained by an expert dietician and provide a program called NutritionPT, which is a comprehensive, sensible eating program. We combine this program with a sensible exercise plan to produce long term life changing weight loss. We even have our own Hypnosis Weight Loss CD to help you overcome the psychological barriers!

Q5. I’ve just joined the gym and love it so much, can I bring a friend?

A.Absolutely! We encourage members to bring family and friends because research has shown that reaching your goal is more likely when you have support. By the way, they can come and try the gym for a week free. It’s our pleasure!

Q6. I’ve been thin and weak all my life; will you be able to help me increase my size?

A.Our personal trainers are experts in building muscle mass and we also sell Protein products, which will speed the process up.

Q9 Is there any age restrictions for gym membership?

A. State regulations recommend 16 years old as being the minimum age requirement to begin a weight lifting program.

Q11. Do you have Massage Services?

A.No we currently do not have a masseur but, if your problem is long tern or more severe, we have physiotherapists available.

Q16. Do you have Pilates?

A.Yes our members are fortunate to have access to Pilates reformers as a part of their regular membership. You need to be instructed by our physio first. We also have group classes. Check our timetable. Your health fund will pay for the one on one sessions with our physio.

Q17. I really need a lot of help because I’ve never been to a gym before, what can you offer?

A.We have many levels of personal training services. The trainers will guide, support and motivate you and will help you achieve much better results faster than you could by yourself.

Q19. Do I have to wear special clothes to the gym?

  1. A.Fit life is a very relaxed, casual gym with a friendly atmosphere. As long as you are neat, tidy and are wearing shoes you are welcome.

Q20. Can I pay instalments for my membership?

A.Yes we offer direct debit memberships, which are paid fortnightly.

Q21. Can I claim my gym membership through my health fund?

A.In some cases when a person has an existing injury and one of our physio’s assesses that problem can be improved by attending the gym, some health funds may pay part or all of the membership.

Q22. Will my private health cover pay for Physio supervised sessions in the gym?

A. Yes, if you are attending the gym under the supervision of our physio, your health fund will pay.

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