Conditions For Online Membership Specials

  1. 1.Memberships include unlimited use of all facilities and classes. Membership includes one orientation session with a Personal Trainer. If you require a program, we recommend purchasing a PT Starter Pack.

  2. 2.This special online price includes the ability to suspend or transfer membership. An administration fee of $5 per week applies for suspension. (3 month maximum) and $49 to transfer a membership to a new or existing member.

  3. 3.Pay as you go Fixed Membership ($13.97 per week) is for a minimum period of 12 months. You must let us know if you wish to stop after 12 months. Unfixed ($15.97 per week) can be cancelled at any time after an initial 4 weeks by contacting reception. (also read point 7. below)

  4. 4.By clicking the pay button in PayPal, you agree to all the terms.

  5. 5. Upfront is for 12 months fixed and can only be cancelled in the first 5 days cooling off period. After this period, memberships can be transferred to another person or suspended for up to 3 months. (Fees apply. Enquire at reception.)

  6. 6.24/7 access is an optional extra and requires a once off “Key Tag” fee payable at reception.

  7. 7. In order to Suspend or Cancel an UNFIXED MEMBERSHIP, it is mandatory to print or email one of your PayPal emails received for a transaction, so we can properly identify your account.

  8. 8. If you are cancelling or suspending your membership, we take no responsibilities for refunding any extra payments taken, if you do not provide us with the original Name and PayPal account Name that you used to sign up in the first place. PayPal’s system requires the names to match exactly in order to access your file. This is particularly important if you used another persons PayPal account to sign up. For example, your husband, wife or friend. We require your friends PayPal name to make changes.

Fit Life 24/7

Member Rules for 24/7 Membership

1.By purchasing the 24/7 Key Tag you are now a 24/7 member and are required to abide by the rules set out below.

2.24/7 members are only permitted to use equipment that they are familiar with. Should you wish to learn how to use other equipment, please get instruction from our Personal Trainers during normal business hours.

3.When using the gym after normal hours, please enter and exit the car park as quietly as possible, park close to the entry so the sensor light will trip and provide lighting. Please respect our neighbour’s privacy.

4.The lockers in the entry hall are not secure and should not be used for valuables. Surveillance cameras are being used in all areas and if you experience a theft, we can review tapes to determine who the culprit is and pass this information on to Police. But we take no responsibility for retrieval of your valuables.

5.When entering the Gym, swipe your card on the left hand side of the door below the “SLIDE” sign, please make sure the door closes behind you to maintain yours and our security.

6.You are not permitted to open the door for any other person, or let extra people in. Lost of membership without a refund may apply.

7.If you are entering with a friend or others, every person must scan their own Key Tag.

8.The lights and power will come on upon swiping your Key Tag. TV’s will need to be turned on by the remote located in the far right corner of the Cardio room.

9.In the case of an emergency, a Duress button is located in the weights room on the West wall adjacent to the steps between the two rooms. This will alert our security company and they will alert us. We will log into the camera system and take appropriate steps by calling Ambulance and or Police. Please carry your mobile phone for use in emergency. If you feel unsafe, please leave immediately.

10.In the case of a fire, leave immediately via the 24/7 door that you entered or by the double grey doors in the weights area. This door has an emergency button to the left that will open the doors and set off an alarm. Muster in the car park until help arrives.

11.Entry to the Locked Pool area is restricted and forbidden during un-staffed hours.